Practice Values Inventory


Please answer the five Demographic Questions. Next, read the Scenario that follows and complete the related Scenario Task.

Demographic Questions

1. Primary professional activity (pick one)

General dental practice
Specialty dental practice
Military practice
Other salaried practice position

2. Number of years in present activity

3. Practice location

Small town or rural

4.  Percentage of gross income from aesthetic, elective, or cosmetic procedures %

5.  Which of the following statements best describes your philosophy of practice innovation? (pick one)

I am known as the trend leader, new ideas that don’t work are quickly dropped
I spend several hours per week monitoring new trends and can usually pick the best emerging ideas
I am not the first to adopt new techniques or materials, but I am quicker than most
I wait until innovations have been proven; I don’t get sucked into the fads
"If it ain’t broke, don't fix it"; quality dentistry demands abundant proof before change; much better safe than sorry


Imagine that you have just won the lottery! You have $50,000 cash, after taxes. You have talked with friends and colleagues about what you might do with the money, and have compiled the list of options that appears below. You spend a few hours reflecting on the weekend regarding the optimal way to distribute these funds.

Scenario Task

Allocate your $50,000 among the alternatives below. Make certain that the total is exactly $50,000. Use whole dollars only with no commas.

$ New equipment, office makeover (no expected change in practice profit)

$ Learning new skills—to increase your range of dentistry for self-development (very slight expected decrease in profit)

$ Learning new skills—to perform more high end, money-making procedures (very slight decrease expected in your job satisfaction and in total care given to patients)

$ Learning new skills—to provide better oral health to more patients (very slight decrease expected in overall profits)

$ Invest in stocks and CDs

$ Take a vacation, buy a new car (you deserve it)

$ Contribution to your dental school, your church, or other philanthropic organization

$ Running Total ($50,000)

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